Series & Documentaries

Kahilu.TV original series and documentaries created by and/or shared with Kahilu Theatre.

  • Cowboy Talk Story

    1 season

  • Unearthing the Lost Songs of Kohala

    In this documentary premiere, local storyteller Boots Lupenui goes on a search for old and unrecorded songs of Kohala and their composers.  Funded in part by the Library of Congress, he uncovers the stories behind their songs and how each composer has been shaped by the storied land that nurtured...

  • Nā Pua Pasifika - Episode 1: 'Ulu

    Nā Pua Pasifika focuses on sustainability in Hawai’i Nei. Each segment spotlights one of five main food crops used throughout the Pacific Islands that can be key building blocks of food security for the state: ‘Ulu (breadfruit), Kalo (taro), Uhi (true yam), Kapioka (tapioca), and ‘Uala (sweet pot...

  • Legacy of Pā'ū Featuring Barbara Nobriga

    Kahilu.TV's first original documentary film, Legacy of Pāʻū with Barbara Nobriga, showcases the legacy of Barbara Nobriga and the art of pā'ū wrapping. Barbara has devoted 55 years to preserving and perpetuating the art of pā'ū, always organizing the King Kamehameha Day parade in Kona. With a tot...

  • KAHILU Shorts

    15 items

    Enjoy these short film and documentaries made in Hawaii.

  • Will Play for Food - created by Streetlight Cadence

    1 season

    Streetlight Cadence is a band and group of friends that travel and perform their way to a meal. They are regularly tested by the struggles of being a band, but come out on top thanks to their friendship and the kindness of strangers.

  • The Pueo, The Camera and Me

    2 seasons

    A Kahilu.TV Original Series on location with Brother Noland. Covering wisdom, culture, history and lifestyle on Hawaii Island.

  • Haole Do It Episode 1

    With help from local personalities, artists, family & friends, "Haole Do It" follows Hawaii's newest mainland transplant as he comedically struggles to learn the lay of the land he now calls home.

  • King Kamehameha: A Legacy Renewed

    King Kamehameha: A Legacy Renewed
    The original statue of King Kamehameha, cast in Paris in the 1880ʻs and the first statue in the Islands, stands in rural North Kohala, the legendary birthplace of Kamehameha I. In 1996 conservator Glenn Wharton was sent by public arts administrators to assess the...

  • Lihau's Journey

    The film takes audiences on a 30-minute video journey from the shores of Pelekane Bay in the shadow of Puukohola Heiau, through an arid dryland forest to rock enclosures of an ancient Hawaiian village, to a magical waterfall and on through a mysterious forest to an upland meadow, all to reconnect...